SEE Result 2078

GCM CollegeChelsea


Grading System

SNPercentage (%)GradeDescriptionGrade Point
1.90 to 100A+Outstanding4.0
2.80 to below 90AExcellent3.6
3.70 to below 80B+Very Good3.2
4.60 to below 70BGood2.8
5.50 to below 60C+Satisfactory2.4
6.40 to below 50CAcceptable2.0
7.35 and above DBasic1.6
8.Below 35Non-gradedUnclassified 

Secondary Education Examination (SEE), previously known as School Leaving Certificate (SLC) is currently under the jurisdiction of National Examination Board (NEB). SEE is the final examination students are required to take after completion of Grade 10. The examination and result distribution process is carried out by the Office of the Controller of Examination at Sanothimi, Bhaktapur. This body is under the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, and functions to conduct the national level Secondary Education Examination every year.

Students are graded from E to A+ based on their performance in individual subjects of grade 10. This is the sixth year since the evaluation of SEE has been following the letter grading system.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the National Examinations Board had acknowledged schools' own assessments of students for SEE results for the last two years (2076 and 2077 BS). However, the SEE for the academic year 2078 BS (2021-22) was held in the presence of students.

With 2,007 exam centers across the country, a total of 514,967 students, in which 257,053 girls and 157,914 boys from 11,615 schools have been recorded to have attended the SEE 2078. Likewise, 11,454 students sat in the exam for grade improvement that had been halted over the past two years and 14,564 students towards technical streamline appeared in the exam.

Despite claims, the government has failed to decentralize SEE to provincial levels. The plan is only limited to paperwork and NEB is forced to administer the SEE. In the lack of an education act to govern the process, a gap is seen in the execution as to transfer the technological support to the provinces and transfer the duty for administering SEE.

SEE 2078 Timeline

  1. October 4, 2021: SEE 2078 Application Opens
  2. November 16, 2021: SEE 2078 Application Closed
  3. Feb 10, 2021: SEE 2078 Schedule Published with SEE Slated for April 22 - May 3
  4. April 22, 2022: SEE 2078 Starts
  5. May 3, 2022: SEE 2078 Ends
  6. July 27, 2022: Date of Result Publication